Dr. Yamila Hussein-Shannan

Dr. Yamila Hussein-Shannan is a scholar, an educator, an activist and public speaker dedicated to social-economic and political justice. Her work examines matrices of oppression and liberation particularly institutionalized and structural supremacy, anti- black racism and settler-colonialism. Dr. Hussein-Shannan teaches at the graduate level on the intricacy between language, power and (in)justice and critical race theory. Her courses examine how structures and institutions sustain and reproduce systems of oppression and the centrality of our political clarity in contributing to liberation and the creation of a just world.
Prior to doctorate work, Dr. Hussein-Shannan founded and ran Yammita Activity Center for Children, co-founded the Teacher Creativity Center and worked for Defence for Children International in Palestine. She has designed, directed and/or taught intensive academic programs for teachers and developed curricula in Boston (Harvard, Boston College, Goddard College, Lesley University, BTR/UMass Boston) and internationally (Morocco, Jordan, Spain, Palestine, Mexico, and the Balkans). A Palestinian born in Colombia, raised in Jerusalem, and currently residing in Boston, Dr. Hussein-Shannan is fluent in Spanish, Arabic and English.